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People celebrated their Pohela Boishakh in different ways. People celebrate this cultural festive starting their day having breakfast with PANTA BHAT (Watered Rice) & Elish Bhaja (Hilsha Fish fry). But some people eat different types of bhorta in their menu. So, the name of the Pohela Boishakh Bhortas are- Shim-er, Borbori-er, Shutki, Tomato, Kaligira, Chingri, Aloo, Begun, Laal morich, Korolla, Rui Mach, Murgi curry, Kacha aam-er shorbot with Martiny, Dal Chorchori, Pudina Bhorta, Doi (yogurt) and roshogolla. And another focusing thing is the serving dish. Dishes are made by clay. Isn’t it great?


Marriage Project

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My work, musical sound show about marriage program. Message are very short but in the all images you will see the feelings of the people who are getting into this new life. Hope everybody like this project. Pictures are from internet. Click Here to see the video.


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Mehendi is one of my favorite things. The design and color are attract me a lot. Mehendi, also known as Henna, is made by crushing dried leaves of the plant Lawsonia Inermis. It is a decorative art that is applied as a part of daily life, festive occasions and weddings. The bridal mehendi designs are typically inspired by Mughal paintings or Ras Leela (Lord Krishna’s flirtations with his girlfriend, Radha and her friends) mixed in with motifs of paisley, flowers, elephants and peacocks. Drawings of a bride and groom or the bridal procession are common as well.

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Every woman is happy to hear the word “Jewellery”. They have an exceptional point of view about this. Gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewelleries are expensive than any thing. Bangladesh has different earning group of people, so they can not buy those expensive jewelleries. Particularly for low income group of people ‘Costume Jewellery’ is most popular. Since 1960’s this costume jewelleries introduced in Bangladesh. Wire, Shohara, Sulphuirc Acid, Kerosene, Shohaga, Wood dust are the raw materials for making costume jewelleries. Above video is explaining the making of costume jewellery in Bangladesh.

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Marriage is a very well known traditional aspect for all over the world. But nowadays things are changing through cable television (Hindi movies and TV shows).  Settle marriage is popular in Bangladesh but as well as love marriage. The situations as well have been improved and have been given the priority of bride and bride groom likes by parents and relatives. Muslim faith based Bangladeshi society accepts the new culture and made own form with the melodious combination of old and new practices. The Bangladeshi particularly middle class bride and bride groom want to start the family life with joy. They invite all friends and relatives however make a social gathering without boarder as much possible. As like as Eid day all family members and relatives try to join in the marriage ceremony.

Nobanno & Paush Parbon

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NOBANNO (Month of harvest): Bangali store their crops in home and with this joy they celebrate NOBANNO. They made PAYESH (Sweet dish made with rice and milk), Various kind of traditional CAKE. Their names are also very interesting. Here are some local name of our CAKE that made by the women for this festive. Patishapta, Puli, Nakshi, Chetui etc.
PAUSH PARBON (Winter Season): In this season people celebrate Paush Parbon with Date Juice and Bhapa Pitha.



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If you don’t visit Rangamati you will not discover a big portion of natural beauties of Bangladesh. From Chittagong a 77 km. road amidst green fields and winding hills will take you to Rangamati. It is also connected by waterway from Kaptai. Boating is the prime attraction in Rangamati. You can go to Kaptai and also by Karnaphuli River you can go deep in side the hill areas where on the way you will find lots of natural waterfalls. By boat you can visit the tribal villages, King Chakma’s (tribal) Palace that is called Chakma Rajbari, Rajbonbihar pagoda, Tribal museum etc. You can also enjoy the tribal handmaid crafts if you go for shopping in the local market.